Monday, October 23, 2017

Yoga Crow Pose series - Rebelle/ArtRage - Surface Studio/SurfaceBook

This is the latest addition to a series of works featuring a friend. The above image is the SFW version (Safe For Work). After the jump is the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) versions. For the uninitiated, that means those that are working in offices with delicate sensibilities or are in front of the computer with their kids around, do not view the jump.

With that out of the way, the acrylic brushes were used for this project. Harder to use than the watercolor brushes in my opinion but just as impressive when it comes to producing quality results. At this stage, it may be time to develop more custom brushes for various effects as some of the hair was a bit more of a challenge than it should have been primarily due to not having quite the right brush.   

Remember, the jump is awesome, but totally NSFW

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sketch Sessions 10-21-17/Second Half - ArtRage 5 - Surface Studio

Another quickie sketch (long than the previous though). A different pencil and canvas were used to see what the results would be. More time was spent on the hair than anything else. These exercises are good for just getting the image down on the page. Sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the details, constantly fretting over things looking "perfect" in anticipation of harsh judgment. Focus on the flow and freedom of the work, ignore the baggage. Being so caught up can truly be a detriment to the piece you're trying to create. 

Sketch Sessions 10-21-17 - ArtRage 5 - Surface Studio

Quickie sketch from today's sketch sessions. Nothing too extensive, this was created using a B pencil for smoothing in ArtRage 5 working loosely. In ArtRage and Rebelle I've begun to experiment again with creating custom canvas types, using one of them for this drawing. One advantage in ArtRage is that it will support canvas types in .jpeg and .png formats whereas Rebelle will only use canvas types that are .png format. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Rebelle/Quark 2016 - SurfaceBook

Poem by Anthony Colquitt
Another creation for a project that will never see the light of day unfortunately. This was inspired by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and all those that stand against inequality and racism. There is something dangerously wrong with a society when the police can flat out murder a child in broad daylight (as one of many examples) and no one is held accountable for it. 

America - Quark 2016 - SurfaceBook

This is an image created for a project that's pretty much dead in the water. It's an image that represents America's sadistic fetish for guns and gun violence. This will always be a serious problem until common sense is more prevalent than greed. 

Yoga, Crow Pose (Again) - Rebelle 2 - SurfaceBook

This is a speed painting as part of the yoga series that was started in 2015, featuring the same friend/model. This was completed in a couple of hours. Rebelle 2 watercolor brushes again are in effect, at this point I think they're becoming an obsession. The Wet Wednesday's project caused a good deal of burn out that required a break for a few days. In order to get back into the swing of things, Crow pose #2 was the focus. Nothing too strenuous that could bring back the feelings of burnout. A very relaxing project to help build confidence. There are times, as artists, that the best thing we can do to help further develop our skills is to take a break. It's great to be that person that's die-hard and constantly painting/drawing/creating every day. Every free moment of every day. But this isn't always healthy.  Sometimes we need to walk away and come back with fresh eyes and a fresher mind to pick up where we left off, for continued success.