Monday, July 16, 2018

Bendi Flexi - Rebelle 3 - Surface Studio

Using Rebelle 3 for sketching in the previous post, this was created to see how well the application held up after the latest update to version 3.0.5. There are still a couple of areas that are a bit wonky (such as lag in areas and sometimes strokes will vanish upon canvas rotation) but the experience was better than before. It seems using the first new numbered release for Rebelle is not a good idea. Better to wait for version 0.2 or later. Every single new number release for Rebelle from version 1 to version 2 to version 3 has had some glitch or bug(s) that caused headaches. Each time, it took one or two updates to correct the issues.

Sketch Sessions - Rebelle 3 - Surface Studio

Quick sketch of a scene that came to mind. I'm not sure if it will be taken further than this but it was fun to do. I went with Rebelle 3 for this one because the application is almost never used these days since Sketchbook Pro became freeware. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

SpiderDude in Color - Sketchbook Pro - SurfaceBook 2

Although the original sketch and second version were created using Sketchbook Pro 7, this version was completed using the latest version of Sketchbook Pro on a SurfaceBook 2.

A bit of time was taken to add some color to the SpiderDude. Sketchbook Pro is still the tried and true. I miss some of the options of Sketchbook Pro 7 and FlipBook (the 2D animation sub application that's included in version 7 but not with the latest Sketchbook Pro) would definitely benefit from some of the new brushes but overall, the latest version of Sketchbook Pro is awesome-sauce. There was no clean up of the second version of the sketch to demonstrate how even a rough sketch can evolve without any clean up. In other words, it's not a crime to work messy or maybe a better term would be, it's not a crime to work unrefined. Sometimes, unrefined lines have a life of their own that cleaned up lines do not. Not so different from black and white roughs sometimes being more impressive than finished color renders. After the jump are the original two drawings to show the progression. It's fun stuff, to loosely sketch and have the confidence to push it further without the need to correct every little thing. A lot of people have the ability to do this, if only they believed in their own ability and stop the bad habit of looking for others to validate them.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Throwback Update - Sketchbook Pro - SurfaceBook 2/Surface Studio

Old character design cleaned up and color rendered using Sketchbook Pro on a SurfaceBook 2 and a Surface Studio.

This is a really old character design created during the college years as part of a team drawing (posted after the jump). He was cleaned up and color rendered using Sketchbook Pro as a test to try out more lighting arrangements and determine how to clean up the original drawing. This is also a good case example as to why it's not a good idea to throw away old drawings. Even if the execution isn't the best, the idea itself could be sound and worth revisiting later when more knowledge is gained. There is also much to be said about following your own vision as opposed to trying to emulate someone else's. I mention this because there is a lot of pressure to conform to a standard that, in some cases isn't good in general or specifically, is not good for the artist. Not that different from living in an era where too many people can't form an opinion without asking someone else to tell them what to think. Practice, learn and never be afraid to try different things even if goes against the pressure to conform. 

Throwback Thursdays - Bastard kids! I'll beat you with this bone! - Pencil Drawing

Cranky zombie dude created using 3H/2H pencils in a sketchbook waaaaay back in 2000.

Old drawing of a cranky, old, drunk, meth zombie, chasing kids and threatening to beat them with a bone. This was part of a series created as some friends and I were drawing whatever came to mind. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Digital Republic: Winter - Rebelle - SurfaceBook/Surface Studio

This scene was created using the original release of Rebelle just a few days before version 2 debuted with a custom brush creator in tow. The original version of Rebelle has a limited brush selection which made this project a challenge but even in those earlier days, the potential of the application was clear. Now, if only Escape Motions would finally update Flame Painter Pro to support HDPI screens...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

SurfaceBook 2 - Three Months Later

*Obviously, due to the nature of this blog, the use case discussed for Surface devices are for creative purposes. This write up isn't from the perspective of using the devices for Excel sheets, databases or extensive writing although SurfaceBooks are more than capable of performing those tasks. But if anyone passing through wants details about those tasks being performed on the SurfaceBook 2, look elsewhere. This post is not for you.  

Today, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Go which is basically the second coming of the Surface 3. At $399, it's a cheaper version of the Surface Pro that is aimed at the same market that is dominated by iPads and ChromeBooks. It's a great deal for anyone that wants a smaller tablet but can run full x86/x64 applications as opposed to stripped down mobile apps. For my needs though, Surface Go would never do. It's simply not powerful enough, it doesn't have enough RAM, it's GPU starved, it doesn't have enough storage and although going back to a 10 inch screen is doable, it's not advisable in my case. The SurfaceBook 2 is definitely what I needed due to far less limitations and the CPU/GPU power to do heavy lifting without compromising my work all while maintaining portability. But let's move on and get to the meat of it.