Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ninja Turtle/Wing Chun Inspired

Created using ArtFlow for Android on a Nexus 7. 
There are a number of people in my Creatives circle that have made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) images inspired by the upcoming film. I decided to add my own vision to the collection but wanted to do something a bit different than the usual night time scene, action pose, savage image. One aspect I've never liked about Hollywood's vision of the Turtles is that they're simply martial artists with weapons. There is very little that's ninja-like with the popular version of TMNT. With that in mind, I wondered what would it be like if a Turtle learn Chinese Kung Fu? I thought about this as I watched The Grandmaster which I hated except for Zhang Ziyi's fight at the end. Wing Chun is an interesting art that's easy to learn the basics of but incredibly hard to truly master. That's how this image began. 

I switched stylii for this piece as well. I'm using The Friendly Swede brand of stylii that were on sale at Amazon 3 for $10. These are longer than the stylus I was using previously and the tip is also smaller. It's easier for me to glide across the Nexus 7 with a even steadier hand for a more accurate line. There are still many things I'm learning in Artflow as I complete these pieces. Similar functions to Sketchbook Pro don't work exactly the same way. Usually it's for the better but not always. But it's still a fun journey considering so much can be accomplished with relatively inexpensive tools.

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