Friday, November 28, 2014

Love of Creation - 1280x720 - Auto Awesome (old version)

At the end of each year I like to create some sort of compilation piece that shows my progression throughout the prior 12 months. Last year I created a series of collages. This year, it's a short video presentation. Earlier this year I found a lot to like with Google's Auto Awesome image and video tools built into the Google+ Android app. I created a few presentations with Auto Awesome with good results, completed using my Nexus 7. Some of those results can be found in the January 19th post of this blog.

Unfortunately, Google updated Google+ and Auto Awesome but the new tools feel like a definite downgrade. Google removed the themes, transitions and musicial selections from the new Auto Awesome. Also, we can't create projects using stills and video in the new toolset. A good friend of mine made the point that Google will probably use the old version of the toolset to build a new video editing app for Android to be released at a later date. That would be awesome as I'd like to have something a bit more robust that's native to stock Android. But in the meantime, I would rather not lose the better version of Auto Awesome we already had. Of course this is speculation on our part but the fact remains, iOS has iMovie which is a capable video editing app for one of the best video/photo capturing smartphones available, the iPhone. Google...well...Google and Android aren't quite there yet although the old Auto Awesome used in this blog entry is a far better start than Movie Studio (from the Xoom, Android 3.0 days) and the new Auto Awesome. We have 3rd party options, but nothing that ships with Android by default that's as good. 

With that being said, the video above was created within an hour or so. I had to uninstall all updates to Google+ on my Nexus 7 to get back to the old (read: better) version of Auto Awesome. It didn't take long to build with most of the work coming from timing the video and selecting the right images. My plan is to capture more images at an event or an outing to put together a Auto Awesome video that tells more of a narrative to truly test the capabilities of the tools.

 Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Out and About with the Nexus 5 and a HTC M8. 11/14

The Path - LG/Google Nexus 5

Fall Sunset - LG/Google Nexus 5

Fall Sunset - HTC M8

TreeHouse - LG/Google Nexus 5

Fall Overcast 11/14 - LG/Google Nexus 5

Ramp to Heaven - LG/Google Nexus 5

Next on Gotham...LG/Google Nexus 5

Thursday, November 20, 2014

WIP sketch - 1920x1200 - Sketchbook 2014

Current Work in Progress

Another pencil sketch test in Sketchbook. I'm just screwing around with the pencil set and customizing my tool bar to better suit the changes from the old app. This piece is a bit more relaxing because I'm letting it take me where it wants to go after trying to steer the piece initially. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

"DevilMadeMe..." 1089x800 - Sketchbook Pro/Sketchbook - Motorola Xoom

"Devil Made Me..." Completed using Sketchbook Pro/Sketchbook for Android

This is another piece I completed using Sketchbook Pro on a Motorola Xoom but updated it using the new Sketchbook app for Android. I stayed with the Xoom too to see how well the new app would run on old hardware with an older version of Android. The Xoom performed well. Unfortunately, since it only has 1GB of RAM, my layer count is limited even running a native, non-HD resolution. But the good performance is appreciated since the Nexus 9 doesn't seem to be high on Google's list of priorities in terms of carrier support. As such, I can't get it yet. It's times like these I consider making the switch to an iPad and iOS but then I think about what I'll lose if I did that and quickly put the kibosh on that idea. 

"My Bestest" 1920x1080 - ArtFlow

"My Bestest" - created using ArtFlow for Android. 

I completed this earlier in the year and just realized I didn't have an entry in the blog for it. "My bestest" is my best friend going on 20 years as mentioned in the other portrait I completed of her also in this blog. Ironically, in some ways her artwork is better than mine but she still can't seem to understand that. If she ever stops being a stubborn mule and gives me the go ahead, I'll post more of her work here. 

 This is the second pencil rendering I attempted using ArtFlow completed February of this year, the 14th to be exact. I'm torn at the moment because the pencils between ArtFlow and Sketchbook are both excellent but they're not the same. Once I finish my current project, I'll go into detail as to the differences since Sketchbook's pencil set has been updated as the app has been completely revamped. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Sketchbook experimentation - 1920x1080

"Judges" Created using Sketchbook Pro. 

I've found two other older pieces I completed using Sketchbook Pro. I've updated them using the new Sketchbook app for Android similar to the pieces in the previous post. The smudge brushes and textured brushes are impressive and easy to use. 

Face study - unfinished version created using Sketchbook Pro.