Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sketches, Sketches Sketches - ArtFlow - Nexus 9


050415 -  New design idea for one of the twins. I wanted a good contrast between the two characters. No Ryu/Ken color swap nonsense. I wanted the two characters to be twins but different in key ways. The differences extend to style of dress, to magics used to fighting styles.  

050415 - various 30 second to one minute sketches

050415 - various 30 second to one minutes sketches. With these sketches, I'm focusing on character poses to loosen up my hand and get my imagination going. I'll move to creature designs, landscapes, equipment and more relaxed poses after the redesigns are further along. The idea is to get the basic idea down without thinking too hard on it and without erasing anything. 




04/26/2015 Final line art

04/26/2015 - Latest update

04/24/2015  Taking the earlier sketch further

Rough sketch created on the Nexus 9

4/12/15 - Slowly but surely building up this sketch into a character idea.
Still following a animation style for these designs. 

04/10/15 - WIP Character Redesign. ArtFlow - Nexus 9 - Wacom Bamboo stylus. 

The character redesigns of the previous post inspired some good rough sketches while testing out the Nexus 9. Working with the Nexus 7 2013 was really good but the extra screen real estate of the Nexus 9 pays dividends when using more natural strokes to get gestures and forms down quickly.  Once the other sketches are compiled, I'll update this post as well.

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