Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Various Character Redesigns - 2048x1536 - ArtFlow on a HTC Nexus 9

5/07/2015 Redesign. One of the Twins. I struggled with the face a bit on this piece. I'll draw another version of her to get it right. But some of the personality I wanted in her character came through like I envisioned. I'm not too sure about the color scheme though. I may change that in the future too. 

05/04/2015 redesign. I tried to give a bit more personally to the character after writing out a portion of her history in comparison to her sister. Both are pivotal characters in the story so their redesign for the beginning of their adventure is very important. I left room for the characters to grow. 

04/28/2015 Final redesign

04/19/2015 - Imperial Guard, slight redesign - ArtFlow - Nexus 9

04/14/15 - Redesign - Nexus 9 - ArtFlow

04/07/15 - Second illustration for the redesign

Redesign for one of the twins. 040415

This is one of the first images I created on the Nexus 9. I was finally able to score the device and it's as impressive as I imagined with the exception that I still prefer a 16:9 ratio (The N9 is 4:3). I used ArtFlow for this project because Autodesk for some odd reason decided not to update Sketchbook for use with 64-bit mobile chipsets. That's the only reason I can think of that would cause Sketchbook to not run on a Nexus 9. Why they couldn't get their act together for their flagship creative app on Android is anyone's guess, especially since every other creative Android app I use runs without a hitch on Nvidia's silicon within the Nexus 9. Oh well, This is why sometimes it's better to use a optimized, exclusive app instead of a port. ArtFlow wins again.

I'm still sticking with a bit of a animation style with this project because that's how I've always imagined it. I wanted the colors to stay a bit more vibrant instead of the drab palettes that are all the rage with titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I'd rather reserve the grays, dark blues and extensive use of black for specific characters or locations instead of those colors being used throughout every aspect of the story and character designs. I'm working on the other characters within the story idea and will update this blog post as those redesigns are complete.

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