Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Sketches, in paint! - ArtRage - Surface Pro 3

This is a really quick paint sketch using the palette knife and acrylics in ArtRage. The textures worked out really well and I can't stress enough how amazing ArtRage is in handling paint, canvas and brushes. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Misty Copeland Version 3 WIP - ArtRage - Surface Pro 3

09/21/2015 - I ran out of steam on this piece. I'm taking a break from it to work on some other things. But I learned a lot about ArtRage while drawing Misty. It's a phenomenal application that forces you to think in a more traditional sense of creation even though you're working digitally. The workflow is better than what I'm used to because my Android tablets didn't have such realistic depictions of mediums and pressure sensitivity. The alternatives on some Android devices were to simplify the project to a degree and to control the opacity in the tool you're currently using. It's extra steps that works but not as good as what's provided in ArtRage. I'll come back to this eventually but for now, after spending a little over a week working on this, I'm ready to move on. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Misty Copeland Version 2 WIP - ArtRage - Surface Pro 3

09/09/2015 Misty Copeland version 2 - Final. As I mentioned earlier in this entry, the pencils work much better in this version of Misty after changing a key setting and using a better canvas in ArtRage. I kept this a bit looser than I usually work because pen use on the Surface feels really good. I also focused a bit more on pressure sensitivity while sketching to see how much control was available. That worked out pretty well too.

 The Surface Pro 2 uses Wacom technology for pressure sensitivity of up to 1024 levels. The Surface Pro 3 uses N-Trig technology for up to 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. I didn't feel like I needed the 1024 levels while using my Surface Pro 3, although the extra depth would have been nice. N-trig works pretty good. Microsoft made the switch to N-Trig because their technology allowed for a thinner form factor with the Surface Pro 3 whereas Wacom technology did not at the time. Either way, it works for me!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Misty Copeland - ArtRage test - Surface Pro 3

Misty Copeland, Principle at the American Ballet Theater.  I want to do a series of these featuring Black ballerinas. Black women are making great strides in a lot of areas except now, they are starting to get recognition. At the moment though, I'm trying to figure out which program has the best tools for the series. ArtRage is interesting because it handles textures differently than any other application I've used with some spectacular results. The ArtRage pencil takes some getting used to though because it's very different from Sketchbook Pro 7 and ArtFlow putting it more in line with Sketchable and Graphiter. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sketches, Sketches, Sketches - Anything but Photoshop. Sketchbook Pro 7, ArtRage, Graphiter, Sketchable

09/12/2015 - This is the latest version of the psycho hoverboard guy sketch. Created using Sketchbook Pro 7, Surface Pro 3. 

09/07/2015 "CandyNJuice" A quick color sketch created using ArtRage. The way the program handles paper, canvas, brush and paint texture is absolutely phenomenal. It's giving me ideas and allowing me to use techniques I haven't used in many years.