Thursday, July 21, 2016

CityScape Speed Painting - Rebelle - Surfacebook

Another warm up practice project using Rebelle. I finished this in a little over 2 and a half hours. I like the looseness of it but it was really hard working this way at times. There's a part of me that wants to go in and make corrections and tighten up this or that. I forced myself not to and just let the process flow to see where it would end up. When not fighting myself to make corrections, the process feels good. I can't stress that enough. I makes evolving the process and learning new things easier. 

By the Fountain - Rebelle - Surfacebook

Technically this is a speed painting. I worked pretty fast in finishing this and learned a few more things in the process. The timing is good too because I received an email from Escape Motions (the developer of Rebelle) that stated that a new, major update to Rebelle would be introduced on July 27th at SIGGRAPH. The update will include canvas rotation, custom palette creation and a number of other goodies I've been looking forward to. I'm trying to get a few more pieces finished with the current version before the update so I can be nice and warmed up when it arrives. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nougat Camera Testing Part 2 - Nexus 6P - Android Nougat Beta

This two shots above were taken to test exposure compensation in Nougat using the stock camera. The first shot was taken at the default F-Stop setting (0) and the second was taken a full Stop down (-1). As you can see, the second image is a bit darker as a result. Ironically, the changes in exposure aren't reflected in the meta data which is just weird but Nougat is still in Beta so maybe this is some wonkiness that still needs to be ironed out. To be fair using specific 3rd party camera apps would allow the user to manually change ISO, white balance and shutter speed which would make the lack of exposure compensation less of a detriment. But there are times when you simply need to go a .5 or full Stop up or down, that's it.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Nougat Camera - Testing out the latest camera app in Android Nougat - Part 1

This is a series of images I captured using the Nexus 6p running the latest beta of Nougat and the new stock camera app. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't bother with a beta version of Android since I have a Nexus device (read: first in line for official releases). But, Google makes it incredibly easy to get beta versions of Android. Simply go to the Android Beta Program and log in with your Google account. The site will tell you if your phone is eligible and if it is, just accept the terms. You'll get a notification for a systems update within a couple of minutes. Download and install. That's it. No Root, no XDA forums dealing with jerks and snobs, no fighting with nandroid backups that don't work half the time. Very simple. I've been using Nougat for four days days now and I haven't had any problems with it during everyday normal function. If you want to opt out of the program, that's just as simple with the exception that installing a previous version of Android will wipe your device so make sure all your important data is backed up.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Didn't I tell you she was fucked up?" Portrait of my dad - Rebelle - SurfaceBook

My father. I did this for his birthday but finished it a few days early. He normally doesn't do anything special for his birthday because almost everything he wanted he's already gained for himself. So I gave him the best thing I have to offer. Art. My father loved the portrait which made me feel great. He immediately remembered the conversation it's based on because it was one of the funniest we've had when he made the above statement to me and the exact same expression. If it weren't for him and his old sketchbook from the 70's, I  may not have ever pursued art. My dad was really good and self taught too which amazed me. I still remember that sketchbook to this day, assuming incorrectly that he'd gone to school for lessons. But at one point he had to choose between the art or his family. He chose the family and never created again. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Photos captured with a Nexus 6p (again) - Various processing with Photo Director 7 - SurfaceBook

This is the second batch of images captured over the last few weeks. The Can Can event is something I've seen couple of times before over the years but this is my first time actually getting photos of it. It's a display that's like Legos but with cans.

Photos captured with a Nexus 6p - Various processing using Photo Director 7 - SurfaceBook

These are images I captured but never shared until now. Some were taken with a simple "point and shot." Meaning, no set up, no adjustments prior to the shot. Just pull out the phone and point and take the shot. Soon, I'll take more serious photos again, but these were a great warm up. 

Foxy Roxie - Second burn out work through - Rebelle - Surface Pro 3

This is a portrait of someone I met a few weeks ago. The original attempt was posted a couple of days ago. I used the original sketch from the initial version after stripping away all of the other layers, exported it from ArtRage to Rebelle and used watercolor instead of acrylic to repaint the piece. I still feel a bit burned out but this worked out really well when just a couple of days ago I struggled to even sketch. 

I think the other problem I'm having is I'm not surrounded by other artists anymore. I know people that have creative talent but in some cases they're simply not focused on it. In other cases, they're flat out lazy and make too many excuses as to why they can't/won't/shouldn't/wouldn't practice. As a result it feels isolating. I believe that's where the burn out is coming from. Sometimes, it really feels like I'm the only person doing this. I know that's not accurate. One look on social media and there are legion of creatives producing work every day. But that's the irony of it all. Social media really isn't social. 

Working through the burn out. Speed painting - Rebelle - Surface Pro 3

Still a bit tired but working through it. This is just a quick practice sketch using an updated version of Rebelle. I created this on the Surface Pro 3 to test out the update using the logic of, "if it runs better on the Pro 3, then it's definitely going to run better on the SurfaceBook."

The application works a bit faster but there still isn't support for pinch and zoom or touch screen rotate options or even a touch and drag to navigate. I wish Escape Motions would look at Clip Studio Pro 5 because it has the best implementation of these features that I've ever used. The pencil tool in Rebelle still sucks really bad. It's one of the worst I've ever used. We still don't have the option to support different brush shapes (fan brush as an example) leaving each brush used applied as a circle. If Escape Motions wants to create the most authentic digital painting experience ever, there are still basics missing from Rebelle. But the positive is the watercolors simulation are still phenomenal.