Tuesday, April 4, 2017

FanGirl - ArtRage 5 - Surface Studio

The new muse series continues. This was really hard to finish. The rough canvas was harder to work with than I anticipated but that was manageable. I used a step in the facets/hatching process I sometimes don't use which proved to be a constant problem. The step is, cross hatch with a thin eraser cutting across the pencil lines/facets at the opposite angle of the drawn lines to add light underneath the form. Doing this, alternating between drawing pencil lines, then cross hatching with the eraser, then drawing more pencil lines at a slightly different angle builds the form in 3 dimensional space as well as adding light to the form. Rossman from University of the Arts foundation department was adamant that his freshman students learn this technique. After all these years, I can't get the full process to work consistently with the eraser step. Sometimes it works, other times, it's just a mess. In this case, it made the project twice as hard and twice as long to complete. 

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