Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chiamak version 2 WIP - Rebelle - Surfacebook

I like the original drawing of Chiamak but the painting didn't come together as well as I expected. Instead of repainting it, I decided to just redesign the character from the ground up and change the color scheme. She's coming along nicely.


  1. I do like this version better, it echoes the Dahomey women warriors (although the X-strap seemed to be only worn by the men).

    1. Thanks, I'm using various aspects of different tribes and cultures as reference but making changes to characters based on the cultural details in the story. I'm itching to post the story and other characters I've never shown but they're not ready yet unfortunately. One of the negatives of working solo. Chiamak, Tau, Ar'Kamun and those that fight with them are unique in that their group isn't affected by certain societal norms due to the purpose of that group.